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You have two options for examples: Draft your own child custody arrangements or work with a lawyer to get one done. However, you must have an agreement notarized to make it legally binding. You may depend on J.A.G. Notary Services in Crosby, TX to offer the appropriate remedies.

The custody issue is one of the legal cases with a lot of controversy and the potential for intense emotions. All states’ laws and related court procedures provide negotiated settlements of matters to prevent drawn-out litigation. Both parties enter into a mutual contract if such conversations are successfully concluded. This agreement shall be effective only after been notarized. Here is where the assistance of our notary public is useful.

Notarized custody agreements that are tailored to the particular parenting schedule created by the parties. The division of custody between the mother and the father is part of the plan. A schedule for visiting is also stated in the agreement. These contracts frequently include clauses outlining a process for resolving future disputes between the parents, including how to obtain mediation services.

The main benefit of having the agreement notarized is that a third party can give testimony if a parent disputes whether they freely signed the document or understood its terms. The professional will ask questions about these before signing and notarizing the paperwork.

It can be difficult to make sure that notarized agreements adhere to all legal requirements. A reputable notary public organization in Crosby, TX called J.A.G. Notary Services can assist by giving the required details about nearby law firms specializing in various legal fields. We can also aid with stamping and signing any document. To discuss your needs, call (281) 328-2764 right now. We will be pleased to assist.

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Have you found your dream home? There might be several steps to take before you can own the property. In Crosby, TX, a loan signing notary must execute the transaction. Unless observed by an expert, the mortgage is invalid. With J.A.G. Notary Services by your side, not only will you be guided through the financial complexities and requirements, but you will also have the certainty that the transaction will be difficult to dispute. Our agents ensure the format of the documents complies with the law while reflecting the intentions of the parties involved. But signing mortgage transactions is not the only thing we can do for you. Call us now to learn the rest of the benefits of working with our local notary public. 

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When you get in touch with our agents, you can schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. We can work on weekends and after hours to accommodate your needs. We will ask you to tell us more about the necessary documents and what you aim to achieve. We will then assist with the notarization. We will ask for your ID to confirm your identification and then proceed with the work. If you decide to use our virtual services, we will send you digital copies, and you can print them if you wish. 

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Our mobile notary services are available in the areas and their surroundings mentioned below, including all towns and cities within a 50-mile radius but not limited too. If you have documents that need to be notarized as soon as possible, be sure to call us right away. We can also assist you online.

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Has we continue to grow, during this process we will provide you the best notary services in the area! We are individuals first who strive towards diversity, integrity, and customer service excellence through our company. As always we put our customers first when services are needed including in-person, mobile, and/or online. We are open 24 hours to ensure that all our customer needs are meet right at the time the service is needed. QuaTanna Wright is the owner of J.A.G. Notary Service and she make every discission like its her last. QuaTanna has been in customer service over 10 years and she looks forward to continuing providing the same for 10 more years. Jayla Wright  & LaStacia Howard has been added to the team here at J.A.G. Notary Services and they continue to be groomed in excellence. Our Notaries are not limited to the three of them but we will ensure you get the services you requested and the time you need them. We look forward to hearing from you! Give us a call today! 281-328-2764 

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